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December 3rd, 2007

exeyel @ 12:17 pm: Chemlab/USSA/Skeleton Key - Dec 7th, New Orleans!
This Friday!
For anyone who can make it from the surrounding area come on down to New Orleans and burn down the night with Chemlab, USSA, and Skeleton Key as they roll in for the Detonation Days Tour!

Chemlab's first national tour in 10 years, and last time they were supposed to play New Orleans (back in 97 on tour with GWAR) the tour ended up not making it down here for various reasons. So how long has everyone else been waiting for this? Great excuse to shuffle on down to New Orleans from Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, wherever you may me to catch Chemlab and party in the Crescent City!

Anyone who still may need some encouragement or reasons, get your audio/video input ready, it's time you learned how to bleed.... Check out the comments from everyone who's seen Detonation Days Tour on Chemlab's website. Then there's the Hydrogen Bar YouTube station with behind the scene clips and live clips.


Detonation Days Tour : 2007
Chemlab/USSA/Skeleton Key/(Local support?)

Bring the Molotov!

Come out and give the bands a show to talk about! Jared's been pushing to get a New Orleans date since DDT was announced and they managed. Let's make this show something everyone remembers!

Current Music: Chemlab - Scornocopia

November 29th, 2007

exeyel @ 04:17 pm: And One - Amerika Brennt ?
I was wondering if anyone knew where on the And One website one can find a copy of ,,Amerika Brennt''? Or if there are any mirrors? Since it was released for free I'm guessing that it is considered free to distribute, is this correct?


Current Music: Front 242 - ,,Hymn''
tonysatorii @ 06:22 pm: Autoclav1.1 NEWS

Broken Beats For Broken Hearts  CD (remix album)

After conversing with my label HIVE, the 14 track remix album 'Broken Beats For Broken Hearts' should be released early January 2K8.  This is to give time for the wholsalers to get this in stock.  the release should go to press within the next few days.

Love No Longer Lives Here  CD  (studio album #3)

The brand new album is due not long after BBFBH, and features at this moment in time 12 new tracks.  There are some experiments with some brand new sounds on this release and a couple of guest appearences from label mate E.S.A, and the immense Synnack.  Expect a progression fom the second album 'Visitor Attractions' plus a whole lot more...its shaping up nice.


we are currently bouncing midi files, beats and sounds between my old drinking buddy and myself... expect something pretty much top notch... and more information on this release as it happens.

Autoclav1.1 official site
Autoclav1.1  myspace
Hive Records

September 4th, 2007

exeyel @ 03:11 am: question about a combichrist song (cover?)
I'm not a big combichrist fan so there's a song I heard at a club that I caught my attention but I didn't know who it was until I was working as a tech at one of the combichrist shows around here and heard them play it live. All that I can pick up from the lyrics that I remember are We only came to dance but hitting google it doesn't seem to be the name of any of their songs or listed in any of their lyrics, at least none that google has spidered. I was wondering what song title it's under and on which combichrist release? Also is it an original song or a cover?

Current Music: System Syn - ,Winter Current'

August 17th, 2007

tonysatorii @ 10:26 am:

BOY IS FICTION - BOY IS FICTION CD (list001) - £9.50 (postage paid worldwide)

"Fragile, emotional tones with a prevailing melancholic feel ... this debut release by Australian artist Boy Is Fiction captures those quiet moments of introspection just before sleep ... juxtaposed against broken late night sounds and restless movements ... utilising electronics, effects, drum machines, guitars, and pianos to put together this collection of intensely personal tracks ..."

To hear some mp3, click here. To order (£9.50) click on the button below:


sentry promotion

tonysatorii @ 08:40 am:  

Liar's Rosebush _ Circle the Squares [HIV.25]

» Finally, after 4 years, a new Liar's Rosebush solo release! Already very well known in the North American hard-electronics scene from his releases on Hive and Immanence, Matt Rosen, aka Liar's Rosebush brings together perhaps his most impressive work to date. Stylistically, Circle the Squares easily sidesteps classification – elements of industrial and breakcore swarm and crackle amid surprising samples and brilliant programming.

Heavy on melody and mood as well as rhythm, this is an album which unfolds in new shades of melancholy, aggression, hope and intensity with each subsequent listen. Folding electro-acoustic elements, touching atmospheric nuances, and organic, evolving soundwaves with clinically-precise rhythms and shards of noise and nearly-identifiable fragments of sound, Circle the Squares is a brilliant album, and one we are pleased to bring to the world.

01. (At Least I have My) Bruises
02. Beneath the Surface pt3
03. Circle the Squares             (MP3)
04. Like a Nicotine Halo             (MP3)
05. Sick of You
06. Beneath the Surface pt2             (MP3)
07. Irrational Word Sequence
08. Creatine             (MP3)
09. ΔΔΔ             (MP3)
10. Series and Parallel             (MP3)
11. I Spit on Your Breaks             (MP3)
12. Beneath the Surface pt1

Order now at the Hivestore!


Prometheus Burning _ nBoyde raRepi [HIV.26]

» One of 2006’s most impressive and well-reviewed albums was Prometheus Burning’s amazing Beyond Repair CD. On heavy rotation in clubs around the world, this album shot Prometheus Burning to the forefront of the industrial/noise scene and opened the doors for a slew of live shows and festival appearances last year. Already deep into the writing of their new album, PB return to Hive with a remix CD featuring a new track and remixes by some of the best artists in the industrial, powernoise, and broken beat scenes. Mandatory for any DJs audio arsenal, and anyone else who enjoys a good, hard, earfuck.

More than a typical remix album, nBoyde raRepi is more of a sequel or continuation of Beyond Repair - far more cohesive and album-oriented than just a collection of reinterpreted tracks, this CD takes the original onslaught of Prometheus Burning's amazing album and warps, alters, mutates and destroys the soundwaves into something even more propulsive and engaging.

Mastered by Metarc.

01. Battery Drain [Unreleased]             (MP3)
02. Some Things are Meant to Stay Broken
      [Hypofixx Remix]
03. Deanimate [Abelcain Remix]             (MP3)
04. Significantly Altered [Iszoloscope Remix]
05. Beyond Repair [Suicide Inside Remix]             (MP3)
06. Some Things are Meant to Stay Significantly Altered
      [Scrap.edx Remix]             (MP3)
07. Beyond Repair [Xanopticon Remix]             (MP3)
08. Squelch [Edgey Remix]
09. For Every Action there is a Reaction [Endif Remix]
10. Squelch [Mc Arra Remix by Proyecto Mirage]
11. Significantly Altered [Atomhead Remix]             (MP3)
12. Some Things are Meant to Stay Broken [Fanny Remix]
13. When the Past Becomes Present [Bombardier Remix]

Order now at the Hivestore!


Thanks for reading!

Sentry promo

August 2nd, 2007

tonysatorii @ 08:33 am:

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