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tonysatorii @ 02:42 pm: news from the label I am on
HIVE NEWS! Dec .2k7

i. New releases for January - Autoclav1.1, ESA, and Memmaker
ii. New Hive sublabel: The Swarm (genCAB, The Panic Lift, Life Cried, Encephalon)
iii. New shopping cart / better service!
iv. Coming on Hive in 2k8
v. Hive myspace update
vi. Hive site updated
vii. Festival Kinetik - May 15-17 2k8

i. + Hive Records is pleased to bring you THREE brand new releases for January!

Autoclav1.1 - Broken Beats for Broken Hearts [HIV.27]

Hive Records
Cat # HIV.27
UPC # 775020838529
Release Date: Jan 21st 2k8

Among electronic musicians, there are few able to infuse a real human element into their compositions with the sincerity and conviction of Tony Young, aka Autoclav1.1. In his compositions, amid the scattered, paranoid breaks and steel-cold threads of industrial ambience, threading through the somber melodies and creaking IDM-infused spatters of noise, is a striking honesty and fragile intensity that is both unexpected and endlessly rewarding. It is this tense balance of synthetic, sterile soundscapes and scathing vulnerability that sets this project aside from most acts in the dark-IDM genre, and sets it well above most of its contemporaries.

In anticipation of the next full-length release, we are pleased to bring you Autoclav1.1's first CD release on Hive Records. Broken Beats for Broken Hearts is a collection of 14 remixed tracks from Autoclav1.1's first two CDs, You Are My All and More and Visitor Attractions, reworked and reinvented by some of the most acclaimed purveyors of modern dark electronics and hard industrial rhythm.

01. Fault (Oil 10 Remix)
02. All Unwired and Behind You (ESA Remix)
03. Small Days (DJ Hidden Remix)
04. By My Own Admission (C-Drone-Defect Remix)
05. This is Untitled (Wast3 Remix)
06. White Cover (Cervello Elettronico Remix)
07. Small Days (Keef Baker Remix)
08. Obligatory Interlude part 2 (Iszoloscope Remix)
09. Fault (Eva/3 Remix)
10. This is Untitled (Synnack Remix)
11. Nothing but Pillow Teeth (Alter der Ruine Remix)
12. All Unwired and Behind You (Lith Remix)
13. White Cover (Slacknote Remix)
14. We All Have a Window (Mothboy Remix)

Teaser tracks on the Hive myspace: http://www.myspace.com/hiverecords
Preorder coming soon!

ESA - How Pure would Your Utopia Be?

Hive Records
Cat # HIV.28
UPC # 775020838628
Release Date: Jan 21st 2k8

ESA return to Hive with a brand new album of corroded dark textures, mammoth swarming atmospheres, and industrial beats that collide with all the force of a falling freight-elevator. Chronicling an alternate history of the Fall from Eden, How Pure Would your Utopia be? spirals quickly into a dark, oppressive treatise on the price of sin and the frailty of withering hope. Through the course of the album, the sonic tension builds like a growing cloud of ink in water, turbulent groaning waves of noise and rhythm coalescing into a destructive storm of sound that is merciless both on the dancefloor and with more attentive listening. The evolution in ESA's sound from their first album, Devotion, Discipline and Denial, is unmistakable, taking huge leaps forward in terms of both production and songwriting. A new milestone for both ESA and Hive, How Pure Would your Utopia be? raises the bar yet again, displaying with firm resolve that uncompromised intensity and violent creativity are alive and well in the hard-industrial scene.

This enhanced CD features a video for the track Principals of a Paradisic Resolve, produced by Alternative Perspective, and was mastered by Brian Redmond at Fuzzbox.

01. Dialogue
02. Your Blood is My Blood
03. Paradise Inside / Punishment Defined
04. Principals of a Paradisic Resolve
05. Cursing
06. Absolute Utero
07. In Lust We Trust
08. How Pure Would Your Utopia Be?
09. Randomly Selected Drawbacks of the Human Condition
10. Intense Deceit and a Thousand Empty Promises
11. You Do Not Belong Here

Teaser tracks on the Hive myspace: http://www.myspace.com/hiverecords
Preorder coming soon!

Memmaker - How to Enlist in a Robot Uprising [HIV.29]

Hive Records
Cat # HIV.29
Release Date: Jan 21st 2k8

Attention cadets, incoming transmission! Destruction is imminent: Memmaker are here to destroy all human eardrums and interface with your women, undermining earth society forever. Comprised of Guillaume Nadon and Yann Faussurier (of Iszoloscope), Memmaker have forged a rare and explosive compound of hard-trance, driving electro grooves, and immense industrial beats against which mankind is utterly defensless. Limbs will be shattered and tossed like straw as the full force of their unstoppable sonic barrage is unleashed upon humanity, animating those torn and smashed extremities in a violent whirl of fists and bodies as their complete takeover of your central nervous system compels you to MOVE. Bodies will be tossed on concussive tremors of bass, and the screams of ecstasy and resignation will drown in the impossibly infectious rhythms.

The only hope for survival is to assimilate into the robot ranks and take to the streets. You are all soldiers to the cause now, and the Uprising is in motion - the insatiable iron lust of your new mechanical rulers will be satisfied! This robotic takeover is a cooperative venture between Hive Records Global Noise Corporation and the Embodiment Records Woldwide Control Apparatus.

01. Prophecy
02. Death Audio Blow Your Brains
03. Sneaking Through the Totalitarian Filter
04. Ascent
05. Death Comes (Sale Traitre)
06. Get Your Ass to Mars
07. Robot Buzz
08. Energon³
09. The Cydonia Complex
10. Insomnia
11. Deception

Teaser tracks on the Hive myspace: http://www.myspace.com/hiverecords
Available for preorder soon!

_ii. + Hive Records presents: The Swarm!

After the immense success that has been Suspicious Records, Hive is expanding once again. Coming in spring 2k8, Hive brings you The Swarm! The Swarm will be dedicated to all things electro-industrial and EBM - not the recycled trash that that some labels have been pushing the last few years, but new, innovative sounds that destroy the preconception of what defines modern industrial music. This is the next evolution in industrial and hard-EBM! Slated for the roster so far are is the debut album by brilliant new act The Panic Lift, "Witness to our Demise", the debut by genCAB, "II transMuter", the second album by established favorite Life Cried entitled "Banished Psalms", and a new CD by Encephalon, an amazing discovery by Dependent Records sadly unreleased by the label's demise - until now. The Panic Lift and Life Cried CDs will be also be available later under license in Germany and Europe via Noitekk Records. Keep your eyes and ears open for more info soon!


_iii. + New shopping cart and expanded customer service coming in January.

Hive Records has teamed up with MerchSquad to bring you a brand new HiveStore! Coinciding with the release of the January releases on Hive, the new store will be open and feature expanded ordering options (secure online ordering with Visa/MC/Disc/Nov/Amex, Check, Money order, and Paypal), inventory control, and superfast turnaround. All orders are shipped within 24 hours, including international orders - no more waiting for your order to ship! With the explosive ammount of growth at Hive and Suspicious this year, our order fulfillment has really taken a hit, and some orders have been slow to go to the post. No more! Shipping confirmations will be sent out as each order is sent out, and a customer service representative will be available to answer your emails.

_iv. + Even more new releases for 2k8.

Later in the year, we will be releasing a new album by both Leaf and Saltillo on Suspicious Records! In addition, the first batch of new releases on The Swarm, and new releases on Hive from S.O.R.E.H.E.A.D., a new ESA EP, a new full-length album from Autoclav1.1, and more! This is going to be an amazing year for us. Worldwide domination is imminent - are you ready?

_v. + Hive myspace has been updated.

Check us out on myspace! There are album teasers for each of the 3 new CDs and a new layout, as well as info about our releases and links to our bands' myspace pages. http://www.myspace.com/hiverecords

_vi. + In addition, the Hive site has been updated with info and art for the new releases. Preorders for the new CDs will be available very soon. We have a new website in development for Hive Records now, as well as a new website for The Swarm coming soon.

_vii. + Festival Kinetik, May 15-17 2k8

Hive Records will be on hand in Montreal, Canada for Festival Kinetik this year! Several Hive acts will be performing (Cenotype, Memmaker, Sorehead) alongside some absolutely amazing artists in the EBM/industrial/noise/hard techno scenes:

Nitzer Ebb, Funker Vogt, Noisuf-X, Sonar, Mono No Aware, This Morn' Omina, The Horrorist, Xotox, Headscan, Iszoloscope, and tons more! Theyre still waiting on another headliner to confirm, so you can be sure this is going to be "the" festival for North America this year.

Hive Records will be on hand with a merch booth, so come by and say hello, and maybe pick up some CDs, T-Shirts, or Vinyl. Or just hang out with us and have a beer. It's going to be a great weekend in a beautiful city. More info here: http://www.festival-kinetik.net/

Thanks for reading! The amazing support you fans have shown us keeps us going, and we appreciate it! Please feel free to forward this to anyone you think would be interested, or post to appropriate elists, message boards, and newsgroups.

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